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This routine enables contest log processing, result transparency, easier EDI upload for contest participants and helps with the administration work. All available contest logs in database are cross-checked for common errors (Wrong CALL, Wrong WWL, Unique CALL, wrong Report, wrong Time/Date etc). CC Routine acurracy depends on the number of available contest logs in particular contest database. More logs in database, more precise cross-check results.

During IARU (Region I) VHF Commitee meeting held in Vienna (Austria) in February 2007, admission of contest logs will be possible exclusively in digital REG1TEST (EDI) form, as it was agreed there. Most of national amateur societies will follow that recommendation starting with January 1st 2008. This is our contribution to needs of unique and easy processing high quantity of contest logs.

First idea about creating this kind of application came from Krešo 9A2HM in December 2006, which was later supported by Željko 9A4FW. During VHF contest "Vidovo 2007" first testing were carried out. Till this day (May 20th 2007.) application has survived many changes and improvements.

Web application enables contest log uploading in EDI form. After that, application will show uploaded log again and display possible data error warnings and allow checking and/or correcting data.

After successfully imported log data, You can start cross check program function immediately, for your callsign (or any other callsign) and check error log for that callsign. You can see error log for any other imported callsign, as well.

That's possible because the complete application was written in php programme language and is running on-line (on Webserver) in real time and without presence of administrator.

QRB will be recalculated for all QSO's, to insure unique calculating for all stations, using this formula:

Recommended by the IARU Region 1 VHF Committee (Noordwijkerhout, 1987), i.e. the formula proposed by PZK, for calculating distances in VHF and Above Contests and the "commenced km" points rounding method (Lillehammer, 1999).

Distance = 111,2 * arccos(sin Latitude1 * sin Latitude2 + cos Latitude1 * cos Latitude2 * cos(Longitude1-Longitude2))

where the conversion factor is 111,2 km/deg.

Points rounding methods (zaokruživanje)
Distance Commenced km Math Truncation
0 km 1 0 0
43,2 km 44 43 43
56,7 km 57 57 56

Contest administrator's (contest manager) intervention for singular QSO in log (recognition or rejection) is possible and it is a normal feature. Two types of administrator accounts are enabled: main administrator accounts (e.g. regional or national manager), with access to all contests (data), and singular contest administrator account (e.g. national or local contest manager), with licence depending access.

All admin interventions and errors found by CC routine, upload date and time and cross check date and time can be seen in contest error logs or in placement view. That way, everybody can monitor contest development and results and even complain on displayed errors, data or results.

Development and improvement of CC Routine, like any other software product, is a never-ending process. We are open for any suggestions and ideas.

© • By: Miljenko Mogulić (9A2MI) 2006.g.