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Please, double-check your Contest Log before exporting to "EDI" log form. According to our filename convention, please name your Log file as "yourCALL.EDI", for exemplar: "9A1W.EDI". Please, pay attention on deadline rule. Accepted will be all Contest Logs for specified Contest, received before deadline, in EDI log form, max. file size of 80 KB. After sending your Contest Log through CC Upload Routine, but right before you click on "OK" button, please check received data, and Edit if necessary.

In the case of Upload Error, please write it down to the Notepad and save it. It may be an Error of any kind, and it may be reflected to your LOG data.

Click on HOME button will back you to the CC home page. You may choose "Contest name (click to view)" column, to select specific Contest to view. Find your CALL and click on "CC" column to start cross-check routine for your log. In the case of any QSO anomaly, it will be shown like:

Error log:

145 MHz

BR. Call Sent_QSO Error Ok Lost points
 1. T94XR  0050  UNIQUE  ? -  0
 2. OK7STO  0043  UNIQUE  ? -  0
Sum of lost points: -  0
Claimed score: 5886 Errors: 0%
Bonus Call: 9A6B 2000
Sum of bonus points: +  2000
Total cross check score:  7906

You may choose "Contest name (click to view)" column, to select specific Contest and then any other CALL to view CC reports for specific CALL. All logs can be seen in its entirety only after deadline, because of specific and sensitive reasons.

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