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     YOTA – Sustainability

YOTA 2022 Croatia

Sustainability is a word rarely used in our hobby.

This is very likely change in the years to come. We at YOTA Croatia would like to see that change today.
As such we’re trying to ensure that all of our activities are carried out in the most sustainable manner.

Our Summer Camp is just the start.
We’ve chosen accomodation which boasts geothermal heating and of the most energy-efficient methods of heating and cooling available today.

As we planned our day-trips, we strived to ensure we limited one-time-use packaging to the bare minimum for example we’ll provide our 100+ campers with a reusable flask. We’ll encourage the flasks to be filled with tap water. Yes, Croatia’s tap water is potable.

Packed lunches will be provided in non-plastic bio-degradable containers.

Our Workshops include the following presentations:

Carbon-neutral DXing : a closer look in to a portable solar-powered 100w station
RemoteHamRadio : sustainable radio stations : how to build a world-class station with the lowest carbon-footprint etc

All our outdoor activities will include awareness education on respecting the environment to ensure we leave nothing behind us.

Please try to include a sustainable approach in your next radio-amateur event and ensure our planet is here for many generations to come.