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     YOTA Croatia


About the event:

YOTA Summer Camps have been held for the past nine years to encourage more young people to join ham radio and inspire youth to work actively in maintaining the hobby alive for they are the future of ham radio.

Dates of the event:

YOTA Summer Camp 2022 will take place from 6-13 August 2022.

Location of camp:

The camp will be located in the city of Karlovac in central Croatia and not far from the capital Zagreb. Karlovac is known as the city of four rivers.


A team consists of one team leader and maximum three team members. We would like to ask that member societies select motivated youngsters with an organizational and hands-on mindset. This request requires a commitment from member societies to support these youngsters when they return home after the event so that they might be inspired by the camp to continue to work actively to attract more youngsters into ham radio.

Team leader – Age 18-30 years, a person who is active with youth activity and has the potential to inspire more youngsters to do the same

Team members – Age 15-25 years; – have not been on previous YOTA summer camps.

Important info:

Underaged smoking and drinking in Croatia is strictly prohibited by law, therefore the camp is an alcohol-free zone, and we kindly ask smokers of age 18 or above to smoke in the designated areas for it.

All participants, both team members and team leaders are required to take part in the entire program.

Tap water is drinkable in all of Croatia.


AC power voltage is 230V, frequency 50Hz. On the picture below you can see the most commonly used plug and socket:

Local time:

In August Croatia is UTC +2 hours

Local currency:

The currency is Croatian Kuna;


1 € = 7.4 – 7.5 kuna
1 £ = 8.5 – 8.9 kuna
1 $ = 6.5 – 6.9 kuna

How to get to the camp:

By plane:

We recommend you travel to the airport in Zagreb for there we can arrange your transport to the location of the camp. A person with a YOTA sign will great you at the airport; however, there is a possibility you might have to wait awhile at the airport depending on other teams’ times of arrival. In case you are unable to book tickets to the airport in Zagreb contact us and we will find an alternative way for you to reach the campsite.

By train/bus:

We recommend you go to the main central station in Zagreb and a transport will be organized from the station to the campsite.

By car:
The address of the camp is: Ul. Ivana Banjavčića 13, 47000, Karlovac

Link google maps:

In case of any uncertainty or questions regarding the travel arrangements please contact us.

Visa requirements:

Countries requiring a visa:

South Africa, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Malawi, Thailand, Algeria

All information about visas including the up-to-date changes due to the coronavirus outbreak can be found in the following link:

Please check the requirements for your country and if you have any questions, uncertainties or require further assistance in regard to the visas please contact us.