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This routine enables contest log processing, result transparency, easier log upload for contest participants and helps with the administration work. All available contest logs in database are cross-checked for common errors (Bad CALL, Unique CALL, wrong Report, wrong Time/Date etc). HfCLCC Routine acurracy depends on the number of available contest logs in particular contest database. More logs in database, more precise cross-check results.

Web application enables contest log uploading in Cabrillo form. After that, application will show uploaded log again and display possible data error warnings and allow checking and/or correcting data.

After the expiry of the upload period (deadline), the admin start a cross check routine for all logs. Then the visible error log that is hfCLCC program written for the call.

Contest administrator's (contest manager) intervention for singular QSO in log (recognition or rejection) is possible and it is a normal feature. Two types of administrator accounts are enabled: main administrator accounts (e.g. regional or national manager), with access to all contests (data), and singular contest administrator account (e.g. national or local contest manager), with licence depending access.

All admin interventions and errors found by hfCLCC routine, upload date and time and cross check date and time can be seen in contest error logs or in placement view. That way, everybody can monitor contest development and results and even complain on displayed errors, data or results.

Development and improvement of hfCLCC Routine, like any other software product, is a never-ending process. We are open for any suggestions and ideas.

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