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Naslov: Snaga
Autor: 9A2JK - 17. Veljača 2019, 10:20:42
Nedavno je jedan amerikanac u jednoj radioamaterskoj grupi napisao
vrlo zanimljivu opservaciju o korištenoj snazi u QSO-u.
 Citiram u cijelosti:

''Power is a sensitive topic to those who don’t understand the impact (or lack
thereof as the case may be).  The most accurate response is “use the amount
required to complete the desired communication.”  I mostly run under 40
watts but have run anywhere from 7 milliwatts to 600 watts depending on
conditions, antenna, and the station in question to overcome QRM, QSB, or
just plain crappy conditions.  Equipment and cumulative heat damage on
sensitive final amplifier components is another consideration.  I did a
little social experiment once just to see what kind of response I’d get from
people and ended contacts with “TU 1KW 73” for about 30 minutes while
running my FT817 (max 5 watt radio) and like clockwork,   I got several
angry emails from people who insisted that my signal was oh-so-strong
because I was running “too much power.”  It tells me that people rely way
too much on received signal strength to tell them what they think the other
person is running.  It’s your station, run it as you see fit.  Focus on
transmit audio quality but spend just as much (if not more) time on your
receive settings which are NOT set-and-forget.''

Martin 9A2JK