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     Foreigners operating from 9A

If you are staying in Croatia for less than 90 days and have a CEPT licence you may operate as 9A/HOME_CALL.

If you are staying in Croatia for longer than 90 days, have a CEPT licence and wish to obtain permanent licence and Croatian callsign (9A) you need to do the following three steps:

1. Apply for a residence permit

The residence permit is issued by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. For more information click here.

2. Apply for a callsign

Before submitting a license application you need a callsign proposal.

Croatian Amateur Radio Association is in charge for issuing a callsign proposal.

Send your request for a callsign proposal with the attached CEPT licence and a copy of the document showing your OIB number (the one you received from the Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs) to

3. Apply for a licence

Once you have a callsign proposal, apply for a licence from The Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries. More information find on their web page here.