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By 20.07.2022.YOTA 2022

9A22YOTA will be used for the entire week from the camp premises.

9A100QO will be used exclusively on QO100 from multiple locations.

Otherwise, for each location visited, the young operators will be using a new callsign from the series 9A1-5YOTA.

The callsigns have been allocated according to the chronology of their use:

9A1YOTA : remote from 9A1TT’s station: August 6-13 2022

9A2YOTA : IOTA Krk Island EU136 (CI046) from the seaside town of Baška : August 8 2022

9A3YOTA : SOTA from Sljeme mountain 9A/ZH-002 above Zagreb: August 10th 2022

9A4YOTA : POTA/FF from Medvednica Nature Park 9A-0001 / 9AFF-0013 above Zagreb: August 10th 2022

9A5YOTA : COTA from Dubovac castle 9A-00099 : August 12th 2022